You are never done growing or evolving. The person I use to be is no longer the person I am. I am a hybrid now. Running off of lessons learned, failures, successes, fears and courage. I've learned my greatest attribute is my courage. I've learned that forgiveness is not something you can force, it is something that happens in time. I've learned you can't put a price on happiness. I quit my 9 to 5 job to edit videos on the weekends at a skydiving facility. I am one broke kid just following their dream and still discovering what that is. I've learned there is nothing that completes me except being on stage singing. In that fear, courage, failure and success; I find myself. I truly know myself in those moments. It is that only time where the chaos in my mind quiets and I am fully at peace. In 2014, I discovered who I am. I reinvented myself. I changed. I am no longer who I use to be and I am happy about that. I have a profound obligation to love myself beyond all others and not in a way that is selfish but in a way that is honoring to who I am and the life I've been given. My soul mate in life is my source, my heart and me. It is a connection we all have to self and in reality it is the only connection through life that matters. I have to life with myself the rest of my life, I am glad to be who I am.

In 2015, I wish for a few things to happen to me. I wish to get into a musical where I get to sing and dance with like minded people. I wish to sing professionally and to be financially stable through my art. I wish to get an amazing agent who gets me lots of work that is financially and emotionally satisfying. I wish to see myself as beautiful and take myself as I am flaws and all. I wish to meet new people who I will hold dear in my heart and have lasting relationships for the years to come. I wish to be healthy, happy and in love with my life. All these things and more, I wish beyond everything to honor my talents and to see and be seen. I hope to see you all living the lives of your dreams. Cheers.