The deep desire to see and be seen. The internal longing for understanding and passion. This is the composite that makes up my soul. I write. I sing. I compose. I act. I love. I hate. I dream. I desire. Most importantly, I am what I want to be and I'm exploring more of what I want to become. I keep myself balanced, half in wonderland and half in the real world. I have a sickness. I've learned to fall in love with the contrast between pain and love. I've learned to see the beauty in emotional behavior, even the ones I don't particularly like to experience. That's where my art excels. I know this situation, although no immediately pleasant, will aid in the growth and experience of my art and music; in the long term, conditioning my spirit. I long for that release. I love nothing more than writing a beautiful piece of music, standing on stage and singing my heart out. It is in those moments I connect to the world and feel part of a cosmic unity. Forever exploring my connection to myself and to you. 


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