Entertainer and private coach

AllyJo Frush is a multi-faceted entertainer working as a singer, actor, producer as well as a private vocal & performance coach. AllyJo brings over a decade of experience in the industry studying and working in top cities like Los Angeles and San Diego before settling in Portland. “It’s really important to me to have a conducive environment that’s creative and supportive and Portland is that. It’s so attractive because it’s the city in the forest that also includes a thriving local music scene,” AJ said on her love of the city. 

AllyJo works as a lead singer for Local Bands including her cover band, The Groove and her original project Iris Fair. As the lead-singer and writer of pop-duo Iris Fair she spends her time in the studio producing and writing music. As a top vocal coach in this city, her keen ear, musical experience, positive attitude and supportive nature make her a one of a kind. Helping to mold and inspire young artists to chase their dreams in the music industry by providing them with the tools necessary to succeed in the business. Her clients benefit from private voice lessons, songwriting coaching, recording sessions, rehearsal and audition prep as well as artist development.