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Take vocal and performance lessons In-Person or Online. I have extensive experience with bands, choirs, ensembles, weddings, festivals, recitals and concerts. Songwriter, producer, music editor, vocal technique and performance coach, acting coach and video editor. Now offering Beginner Piano Lessons for ages 6-12. Add any of the following to your voice lessons as well; Piano, Songwriting, Guitar or Acting. We work on the goals you have personally as an artist exploring creativity through your own, personal self expression. We have fun here.

What sets my voice lessons apart from other teachers:

  • No registration fee: Many schools charge an initiation or registration fee which costs anywhere from $25-$100 just to sign up. I do not charge any registration fee.

  • No long term contracts: Lessons are month to month so there are no long term contracts. You also have the options to purchase as you go which a rare option in voice/music lessons.

  • Lessons tailored to each student: Each lesson is tailored to each students wants and needs. Choose the music you want to sing, perform, record and have fun.

Lesson options and rates:

Weekly, private one-on-one lessons tailored to each students needs and abilities. These lessons are billed every 4 weeks at a membership rate.

  • 30 minute's a week x 4 = $130

  • 35 minute’s a week x 4 = $140

  • 40 minute’s a week x 4 = $150

  • 45 minute's a week x 4 = $165

  • 50 minute’s a week x 4 = $180

  • 55 minute’s a week x 4 = $190

  • 60 minute's a week x 4 = $200

Pay as you go coaching is available for singers getting ready for an upcoming audition, recital, gig, recording or performance. This is also a good option for people who need more flexibility in their schedule and cannot commit to meeting weekly.

  • 60 minute coaching lesson $65


In voice lessons you will:

  • Learn to sing with ease and strength

  • Learn proper breathing technique

  • Expand your range with ease and support

  • Develop your true tone

  • Learn to project with out straining

  • Learn the difference in vocal registers

  • Learn the essentials of performing including vocal technique, stage presence and microphone technique

  • Gain confidence in singing and yourself

  • Be involved in fun and ongoing projects

  • Have fun and learn the joys of singing


Now offering lessons ONLINE. All the prices and

More than just voice lessons

Students learn to sing in an interactive, supporting environment with a working artist. Lessons include the study and knowledge of proper vocal technique, MP3 exercises in your vocal range provided on dropbox for easy download, studio projects including theme performances, open mics, recording sessions and more. Students include local musicians, lead singers, musical theatre actors, songwriters, speakers and many more. 

Student Testimonials 

Ally Jo is super fun and energetic. She has been able to diagnose my vocal problems and put me on a path towards fixing them. I had 3 different teachers before her, two of which were college professors, and I have made the most progress in the least amount of time with Ally Jo. Sign up while she’s still affordable, because good teachers fill up fast.
— Ryan F.
Ally Jo is a fantastic coach and I enjoy taking lessons from her. From the moment I met her she made me feel comfortable and ease. As someone who is nervous about singing in public I appreciated her great feedback and support which made me feel more confident. She gave me fun exercises to do at home and let me sing songs I was interested in. If you’re looking for a vocal coach definitely give AllyJo a call.
— Andrew H.
AllyJo is amazing!!! I came to her as a super beginner. She makes me feel so comfortable and is loaded with positive feedback, making me feel confident in my voice. I feel challenged every session and can feel progress being made. Not only is she great at what she does, she is also just a really great person in life. I am SO SO happy to have found her and am excited to continue the singing journey! THANK YOU ALLYJO!
— Sarah R.
Allyjo is an awesome teacher. She has been an continued inspiration for me to help reach my goals. Each lesson, not only does Allyjo make her lessons fun and educational while providing a comfortable environment for exploring your voice. This is extremely important to me. Allyjo you’re a rockstar!
— Noah

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